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Massage Services


Holistic Wellness

Relaxation Massage

This massage contains long stroke techniques that are used to soothe the nervous system, it assists in blood flow and stretches connective tissue. This massage places your body in the parasympathetic state which is the optimal state for healing and relaxation to take place.

60 Minute = $60

90 Minute =$90


Contraction Release Therapy

Deep tissue

Massage techniques applied to areas of tension. Trigger points on back, neck & shoulders. Sciatica issues and short leg syndrome can also be addressed.

60 Minutes = $70

90 Minutes = $105

 Other Modalities



Hot Stones

1 hr massage

Essential oils

Hot Towel

helps with muscle tension




1 hr session

Essential oils

Hot Towels

Cleanse Toxins & Balance Energy



Craniosacral Therapy

40 min session

Essential Oils

Relieves Headaches

Reduce Stress & neck tension


Chinese Fire Cupping!

Myo Solace invites you to try this amazing detoxifying therapy...

Book  as an add on to any massage!

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