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Sarah's Witchery

Learn to embrace your spiritual side...

Ive been practicing spirituality for over a decade , learning about the Spirit Realms, the Chakras, Meditation, Energy work, , Crystals, Signs & Symbols, Divination cards and more... I believe  my spiritual gifts were inherited from my grandmother, she also taught me candle magic, old herbal remedies & rituals to bring about good fortune and positive outcomes...


Mystical Massage

Enjoy 1 hour of restorative spiritual wellness, this massage incorporates calling in your spirit guides, angels and higher self  through   visualizations a to clear your energy field, cut energetic chords and bring about an inner sense of peace, calm and rejuvenation.

This session also includes a smudging.

$80 for an hour massage &smudge

Card Readings are also available...

Connect with your personal magic...

Have faith in the magic and miracles of life for only those that do get to experience them.

Hal Elrod

 Other Modalities Available



Hot Stones

1 hr massage

Essential oils

Hot Towel

hot stones & Smudge




1 hr session

Essential oils

hot towels

Cleanse toxins & Balance energy



Fire Cupping

20 min

Essential Oils

Hot Towel


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