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Welcome to Myo Solace, where natural health meets spiritual wellbeing. As a practitioner, I'm committed to helping people heal, transform, and grow to their fullest potential. My passion for energy work, emotions, history, and mankind guides my practice, and I combine that with knowledge and experience from my training at Aromatica in 2015.


About Me.

My name is Sarah Charbonneau, I'm a multi-faceted natural health practitioner, spiritual coach, and intuitive healer. As a mother of three, I'm passionate about helping people find a good balance in their lives so that they can find joy and peace of mind amidst a busy schedule. My approach to natural health is holistic and encompasses a combination of mind, body, and soul techniques. With Myo Solace, you'll be able to tap into your deepest potential and begin your journey towards true health and wellness.

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